MMW endorses Anni.

Monday, October 20, 2008

MMW has decided, after much deliberation, to endorse MDP presidential candidate Mr Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) in the upcoming 2nd round of the presidential elections.
Maldives is in need of sweeping reforms in all sectors of public service. Such reform has been cosmetic, slow, halting and incomplete during the reign of the current president and the Candidate for DPR. The health sector has faltered and failed to deliver basic medical care for the large majority of the populace of this nation. Real changes and improvement is not possible, as we understand, under the leadership of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. He has, had his turn(s) and failed miserably.
Endorsing Anni has not been easy. However, the team behind him at this crucial moment in time is more than capable of turning this ailing country to health ad wellbeing. We at MMW herewith Endorse Anni for president of the Maldives.
May Allah guide us all in achieving our true potential as a nation. Ameen.
MMW team.

Maldives Medical Watch revival

The team at MMW has changed following last nights meeting held at KL. The new operations team is based in KL. We will continue to use the services of informers placed within the institutins across the country.
The team has been trimmed down to 3 active members; Shizmeena, Ismail and Mubeen. We thank and respect the decisions of those members who have chosen to leave the team.
For the team,