Leaked letter from IGMH

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To :
Dr. Fathmath Ali Didi
The Director,
Medical Administration

 7 July 2007

Respected Madam,

With reference to the previous conversations, we would like to bring to your kind notice our experience with Dr. Rony Gerorge who joined our ward as a pediatrician.

Dr. Rony Geroge joined our department on 25th June 2007. We had a good opportunity to work with him and evaluate him.

We found him irresponsible, incompetent and on occasion lacking in basic knowledge to deal with pediatric patients. We feel that he may be doing harm to the pediatric patients he attend. During the period he stayed with us his practice required continuous monitoring.

May we also remind that he was brought to IGMH after having practiced in a hospital in one of the atolls for longer than a year. Therefore, we are concerned that he might be allowed to return to one of the islands where he would continue his malpractice unsupervised.

This is for your kind notice and necessary action.

Dr. Ismail Shafeeu
Registrar in Pediatrics
Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital