Dr Abdulla Waheed conceals the true Zakwan report.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The family of Ali Zakwan, the little boy who died at IGMH due to negligence of the then head of Childrens' medicine department Dr George John, has been denied justice by the Maldives justice system. Case of medical negligence filed by Zakwans' family has been given the cold shoulder.
We at MMW have been informed of a special investigation report into the incident that was compiled by a team of doctors at IGMH headed by Dr Abdulla Waheed. This investigation was conducted in the immediate aftermath of the death of Zakwan as part of an internal review into the circumstances of the events that lead to the sad outcome.
Although we have not gained access to the report itself, we are made to understand that the 10 plus page document clearly highlights negligence committed by doctors involved in care of Zakwan at IGMH. The report, we are told, names Dr George John, then the incharge of childrens' department as the main culprit in the negligent act. It also highlights that IGMH must take responsibility for the whole affair and pay compensation to the family for their loss.
What has happened to this report? In a private conversation that we had with a senior level medical administrative staff at IGMH, who at that time worked with Dr Mohamed Solih himself at his office, informed us that Dr Abdulla Waheed ordered the report be`shelved as part of a cover-up! Working from within the ministry of Health, Dr Waheed himself, formed a second committee to re-write the report, with the interest of the hospital getting preference over the truth, to draw up a second non-damaging report.
In addition to this, we are aware of a campaign conducted by Dr Abdulla Waheed and Dr Abdulla Afeef to plant the entire blame for the sad outcome on Dr Fathmath Shafga, with whom they apparently had a strained relationship. On the instruction of Dr Waheed, Dr Afeef planted ideas in the head of the family of Zakwan to suggest that the outcome was as a result of negligence from Dr Shafga, a fact that, we are told, was disputed in the first report into the events.
MMW, has also been informed that Mr Husnu Suood, the lawyer for the Zakwan family, was informed of the presence of the first report and the acts of Dr Abdulla Waheed in obstructing justice for the family. He has not been given access to the original report. The case, has been held back from courts for the past 3 years with nothing other than an initial hearing conducted.
MMW asks that justice be done for the family of Zakwan and just compensation be provided. They deserve to know the truth.