Corruption within the recruitment process

Friday, December 28, 2007

I paid US$2000 to employment agent in India and then US$1000 to agent in Male' to get a job as a nurse in Male'. [Name withheld, Received by Email]

One senior, lady at Department of Medical Services at the Ministry of Health took money from me as commission for giving me my job in Maldives. [Name withheld, Received by Email]

We have heard of staff shortages in the health sector of the country for many years. There have been rumors that many of those who apply for posts, in response to advertisements in foreign newspapers are prevented from getting a contract unless a bribe is paid to Maldivian and expatriate "agents".

One email that we received did mention a senior level official at DMS, whose name was not mentioned in the email, taking heavy bribes from potential employees before confirming their contracts. Our team made inquiries from contacts within DPH and MoH if there was any truth in these stories. Our contacts were able to confirm that such rumors are rife even within the office. They were however unable to confirm for sure if such activities indeed happen, they said, "the senior level officials would know, but then again- they maybe the people involved too".

One senior doctor, who wished not to be named for obvious reasons, working at a regional hospital talked to a member of the Medical Investigators Team on 27th December 2007 and confirmed that he had to bribe the head of the institute and an official from DMS to renew his contract. He said that every expatriate doctor known to him working in Maldives pays some sort of "fee" or "commission" to officials to ensure their contract was renewed. He swore that to get his first post in Maldives he had paid 2 lac Indian rupees to an agent in India and MRf 10,000 to a Maldivian "agent" upon arrival in Maldives.

We were made to understand that DMS is the government department responsible for recruitment of all medical staff to institutions other than IGMH, which has its own recruitment department Personnel department within IGMH.

The staffing situation at IGMH is also woeful. Several of the key medical departments are chronically short staffed and stretched. There have reportedly been spats between medical staff and the officials at the Personnel department over the pace of the recruitment process including accusations by many of corruption within the recruitment process.

Two doctors from IGMH that we contacted refused to either refute or confirm whether they experienced such procedures when they applied for work at IGMH. Their refusal to discuss the issue and allegations does make one believe that they may have been victims of a similar scam.

The stories that we received may make us believe that high level officials within the Ministry of Health and IGMH are involved in a racket to make money out of the recruitment process. Our contacts within MoH and IGMH share the views.

Expatriate doctors, nurses and paramedical staff have stories to tell. Many of them have allegedly paid bribes and "commisions" in order to get a contract or extension of contract to high level officials.

[We continue to investigate these allegations in order to identify the people involved in the racket]


Hammett said...

now thats facts explaining why medical service in Maldives is not improving... the expatriate employees are measured on a bribe scale. So, enven a guy with just only MBBS, could win over some with several years of experience...
My brother had a drastic incident recently.. started while he was in addu.. the doctors there said he had "extra heartbeat".. how scary... and the doctors in IGMH said "it's an interesting case". they had no idea what they are dealing with. anyway, when taken abroad, it turned out to be epilepsy and he's on medication. you could read about it on his blog...

looking forward to a better medical service. you guys are doing a good job..

Anonymous said...

all institutions have their own problems but u can't generalise your views. if i remember properly nothing conclusive was found in ur brothers case but it is like that, it could be either those 'extra beats' getting faster and causing decrease blood supply to his brain and then causing seizure or epilepsy or he could be having epilepsy primarily and this 'extra beats' may be just incidental. so i think he is on medicines for both. hope ur brother is fine now. medical matters r not exacting science but sadly lot of people have suspicious attitude rather than belief.

Anonymous said...


where can i find medical jobs advertisement. i want to apply.