Calling for Dr Fathmath Ali Didi to resign!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospitals' Director of Medical Administration Dr Fathmath Ali Didi should resign from her post with immediate effect! She has failed the institution and the general public who she is supposed to serve.

Dr Fathmath Ali Didi has been the head of the medical services at IGMH during its most turbulent and incompetent period in recent times. Failure, scandal, and mismanagement has lead to the hospital being viewed with utter disgust by the man on the street in Maldives. To add to this an obnoxious attitude and gross incompetence in her own professional career has hurt the image of this supposedly "premiere" medical institution of the country.

We, at MMW, have received several emails discussing how she has misinformed and discredited genuine complaints against her staff and institution by many individuals who have suffered the effects of maltreatment and negligence.

Ahmed Naushad whose father was recently admitted at IGMH under her deputy, Dr Yasir, received just 15 minutes of his "precious" time in over 2 weeks of hospital stay. He was tended to by junior doctors and other specialists on the Internal Medicine Department. Unable to and unwilling to tolerate this kind of neglect, Naushad had gone to the CEOs office to complain to Dr Fathmath Ali Didi. Initially he was refused an appointment and was told that F.A. , as she is called in the office, was busy. With no option left, Naushad had barged into the office the next day demanding to be heard. He was heard alright. Neither his complaints nor his fathers medical condition received any attention. Dr Yasir refused to see the patient. Naushad, desperate for adequate medical care for his father, left the hospital and traveled abroad with him.

That is just one story. Naushad's experience is not unique. It is a daily event at the only tertiary care government hospital in the country.

After days of searching, we were able to contact the father of a child who received severe injuries to his leg at the time of removal of a cast! The story was reported in Haveeru and other media outlets. We were told of the way Dr Fathmath Ali Didi abused the father for negligence that day. He had walked into the CEOs office carrying the child to show the injuries sustained. Dr Habeeb, an orthopedic doctor was called to show the wounds. What happened then was shocking for everyone who witnessed the proceedings. Taking turn both Dr Fathmath Ali Didi and Dr Habeed abused the father for creating "havoc" in a government office. The fathers' grievances were brushed aside and he was forcibly removed from the office.


The case of Ali Zakwan, the 10 month old boy who died as a result of mismanagement and neglect at IGMH in 2006, gives us evidence of the under-hand tactics used by Dr Fathmath Ali Didi to disregard the parents complaints. MMW has received reports from a source within IGMH, whose identity we promised to protect, that although an internal inquiry into the case found that the institution had failed miserably and that mismanagement and neglect contributed to the sad outcome, Dr Fathmath Ali Didi masterminded a cover-up by hiding the report of the committee and cooking up another more favorable one. The report is shelved at IGMH and has not been made available to the courts or lawyers. Furthermore, Dr George John, who was identified by the report as the person who mismanaged the case was allowed to leave the country while the court case was ongoing!

Dr Fathmath Ali Didi was also responsible for the several internal discord that arose within IGMH, especially involving the now infamous "group of concerned doctors" because of her inability to effectively run the institute.

The recent case of two senior doctors wrongly suspended for voicing concerns about the improper management of admitted cases in the Pediatric ward was also perpetrated by Dr Fathmath Ali Didi. She had acted on self interest, opting to punish two people who had openly questioned her competence and commitment, by cooking up stories about the two. Thanks to the pressure from the general public and "group of concerned doctors" the two good doctors are back to work, angering Dr Fathmath Ali Didi and her masters Dr Firdous and Dr Naila.

IGMH under the leadership of Dr Mohamed Solih has suffered great loss of public support and the institutional commitment of its prime service providers; the doctors. His policies and the evil devil incarnate and incompetent Dr Fathmath Ali Didi have a lot to answer for. But first we demand that they either resign from their posts or be disgracefully discharged from them!

Report filed by Shizmeena Thahir


Anonymous said...

I love you guys. Keep up the good work.

Punisher said...

You have missed out on a very important detail. Dr Fathmath Ali Didi is a puppet! The people who pull the strings are Dr Naila and her asshole husband Dr Firdous.

Their survival within the health system is what is hurting everyone.

FA is a bitch. She sucks Fireys' dick!

niyaf said...

yeah, fuck the bitch! The dick-sucking moron has it coming. E lhaage findu govvaalaa!

Aseel cousing golha said...

WTF's goin on heya. ain't nou-badee gonna uze deyer own freakin naime?

Saadhu said...


Why did you not write about our case? You said that you were going to write about Iku's experience in surgical ward in your post. What happened? Got edited, did it?

justiceleague said...

Well, I hate these guys. That's my vote!

I think they are incapable of seeing something good.

You can prove me wrong on the above. I wouldn't mind. :)

Medical Investigator said...

Hi Justiceleague,Thanks for expressing your views.

We acknowledge your observation that we are a tiny bit biased and don't have both sides of the story.

We do encourage the "other" party, whoever they are, to respond to any allegation. We have where possible given the "other side" an opportunity to give their side of the story, they are never very receptive to a group like ours, understandably so too.

We will, and have appreciated some good things in the system, but our aim is to identify the areas that are neglected.

You are free to voice your opinion and we will respect them as your views. Thanks once again.

Faisal said...

this is an interesting blog, and a necessary one too! The mistrust towards the health system is only justified- as countless people have been gravely hurt by it. This will serve as an outlet for such people to voice their concerns and fight for what is their right- a fair and just distribution of health care that is accountable.

Dhivehi Resistance said...

Great work. Keep it up.
I think that calling for their resignation is not enough.
I think you must organize and sue these people in the court of law.
That is the path to justice.

Anonymous said...

u can call on her to resign as many others in the hospital might have... but doesnt make a difference.... wont happen..i am happy that at least you do accept you are a bit biased... most of the time such groups like yours dont go there to find out the truth so i hardly find it surprising that u find few ppl willing to talk.if u can do it firly i applaud the work done by groups like u

Medical Investigator said...

We are not an official media outlet. we are a social vigilante group. We do not intend to come out in the public, identify ourselves and in doing so, harm the necessary work that we have undertaken to pursue. (We do use our own REAL names in our writings, under a single editor).

Our aim is to spread the word, but we wouldn't spread just any word or any story. We report only those which we have investigated ourselves and are satisfied as the truth.

We would like to present both sides of the story; but would rather not delay the essential information should either party refuse or delay communicating their views.

We do not intend to pursue these cases in the court of law on our own, we have no legal ground to do so; at least not at this stage. We have always encouraged our informers and those who have come to us (during the short life span of this group)to seek legal support from professional lawyers to pursue the offenders through the established legal pathways.

We intend to remain the voices of those whose voices are suppressed and those who have suffered as a result of medical misadventures in the Maldives. They are the people in need.

venus said...

Well Calling bad names, and using abusive language as all of our Maldivians do, when they cant do whatever they want, doesnt benifit anyone. FA Didi, cannot suspend anyone, Niyaf and ISmail was suspended for their bossy behaviour, and it was a right decision, as they have been informed several times. Few years in Paediatrics doesnt make both of them, very great that they can run the hospital and, pass unnecessary baseless comments. They work for giving good health care to their patients, so why not make a team, and learn to live with different kinds of ppl, and try to use maximum benifit of the foreign specialists who are there to help them, rather than fighting with them, and making them go, within one week of joining the department.
Niyaf and Ismail can be head of the dept if they have the necessary degree and work experience for that. Till then they have to wait

Anonymous said...

To venus:
does that mean we can make any ass sucking no good foreign peaditrician who thinks he knows it all as the head ..u mean to say Dr.Niyaf and Dr.Ismail should say yes sir yes madam and be like pupets and if not they can pack their things n go ..u r willing to let go of two maldivian doctors who are dedicated just to give a fucking chance to a forigner who is doing the wrongs here!!! cheers

Anonymous said...

Why cant they say yes sir, to some one who is so senior? whats the harm, say yes sir, but i think this way is best dont u think so?
and dont humilate that senior docotor among all the relatives and bystanders, They should know how to handle ppl according to circumstances and situation, rather than being abusive, and I know all attitude.

Niyaf said...

"niyaf said...

yeah, fuck the bitch! The dick-sucking moron has it coming. E lhaage findu govvaalaa!"

MMW! are you sleeping?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.