Life saving surgery?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This report is based on an unpublished article written by a Maldivian doctor stationed overseas reporting on an incidence that happened at IGMH. We received the article from Minivan News reporter who wishes to remain anonymous. The article was refused publication by the Minivan News Editorial team for unknown reasons despite the Minivan News reporter confirming authenticity of the events.

In October 2007 a baby born at IGMH was diagnosed to have Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, a condition in which the muscular sheath (diaphragm) separating the abdominal cavity from the thoracic cavity has a defect in it that allows intestinal loops and other abdominal content to herniate into the thoracic cavity. The condition is potentially life-threatening as the intestinal loops in the thoracic cavity would occupy the space that would otherwise have been occupied by the lungs. Depending on the severity of the herniation, the lungs could be compressed preventing respiratory functions.

The baby was admitted to the Neonatal ICU where investigations confirmed the diagnosis. The child remained stable even with the potentially life threatening internal deformity.

Cases of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia have been diagnosed at IGMH in the past as well. Reportedly, in the past 3 years, none of the previous cases had died. The procedure that was followed over the 3 years referred was to stabilize the patient and have them transfered to Trivandrum or Colombo accompanied by Pediatric doctors. Reportedly, in 2007 a total of 4 babies were transfered for varying surgical and severe medical conditions (including one with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) under medical care of a Pediatrician. They all survived.

IGMH does not have a Pediatric surgeon. Neither does it have a general surgeon with enough expertise and experience is surgeries of the newborn. This is not to say that a general surgeon would be unable to undertake any life-saving surgeries at IGMH for newborn surgical conditions.

The baby in this case was in a stable medical condition, Pediatric orders for referral abroad were made and discussed with parents when the case was seen by Dr Mohamed Firdous and his puppet team of surgeons. He clearly wanted to "have a go" to see if he could add "did a correction of CDH" to his resume'. To make this possible, the parents were misinformed by the surgeon and a new Pediatric Head of Department Dr A.C. Bhagwat that the child was in a critical state and that unless surgery was done urgently child would die!

Left with no choice, the parents consented to surgery. The relatives were made to sign a "high-risk" surgery consent form. Clearly; a common practice by all surgical specialties at IGMH, attempting to reduce liability.

Details of surgery are sketchy. Surgery was done by Dr Firdous himself. Documents were never given to parents; they were given just a Death Certificate. MMW was able to confirm from IGMH theater staff that the child arrested during the surgery and could not be revived. However, on the orders of Dr Firdous, death was not declared. The lifeless body of the baby was transfered back to Newborn ICU and connected to a mechanical ventilator.

To our shock, we were told that the lifeless baby (no cardiac activity, breaths given by machine) was kept on "life support" for several hours before declared dead. The parents were lied to and the truth of the events hidden. The surgeons shamelessly declared the surgery a success; claiming to have repaired the diaphragm!

The way patients condition was mis-informed and parents misled before the surgery, during surgery and following surgery (surgical death) the parents had no way of understanding the grave injustice that was done to them. They weren't even aware of the devious scheme. Dr Firdous's misadventure, on this occasion and certainly on several previous occasions, were covered up by IGMH.

The case, as was done for previous cases, should have been transfered abroad when the child was in a stable condition.

Note: MMW was informed by the Minivan News reporter that parents were advised on possible legal action that could be taken.


Anonymous said...

Thi firudhaus ah gotheh hadhanvejje ennu kaley men.

Muna said...

he is untouchable and above the law. you all know why. the people have to suffer and if you dont like suffering -migrate to another country .the country belongs to him and select few businessmen and other very close friends.

Pachas said...

This Indian-converted-Maldivian, Dr Firdhous rules the medical fraternity cos he is the president’s doc since dinosaur ages. His wife, Dr Naila is best friends with first lady Nasreena under their SHE syndicate as its founders. Both Firdhous and Naila previously fled the country after a similar mishap during central hospital time where a baby died. This was well reported by daily papers about a Dr Hariharan (who treated the baby) and Dr Firdhous (who was trying to save this Indian colleaque of his).

But they are back again to stop our health care system development, and nobody can touch them since they are blessed by the President and First Lady.

boli said...

fuck firdous. some one cut off his dick.

Anonymous said...

i have no love lost for firdaus...and if that did happen then i dont defend him but i wonder how you can base this all on hearsay an go on abt it..maybe thats the reason minivan also didnt publish.. am sure they are not in bed with firdaus.. everyone seems to believe what u say as fact and want to fuck firdaus.... is he that good hahahaha... did all of u lose your virginity to fireys finger in your .....

Anonymous said...

so many people must have collabarated to keep this huge secret... am sure the nurses attendants doctors all must have been in cahoots...knowing how people are in maldives i find it difficult to believe they can keep a secret... ususally its so itching to tell that cannot get good sleep unless u tell someone

Anonymous said...

Those who try to hide these kinds of secrets are guilty at same level as those who commit them.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....Everything you right appears to be conjecture and hearsay...we cannot be expected to simply take your word for it! You have to give details and conclusive evidence before you drag a persons reputation through the mud; seems you people have inherited this from DO...You "expert panel" cannot be considered expert simply becos you say you have experts in the panel....much of what you "report" appears to be anecdotes from grief stricken parents/family who through no fault of their own, feel a need to blame someone for their loved ones death...

You story about a pethidine addicted doctor with a 'pain problem in his leg' sounds awefull like Dr.Gregory House from the Drama series House MD don't it??

Sadly, this blog seems to share all the traits in DO, an none of the credibility of Minivannews...and unless your 'claims' are validated and 'expert' advice cross checked and certified, this bog cannot be considered anything more than a Hate blog!....Sadly for the doctors who work their ass off in the Government Hospital, with whatever equipment is available, trying to save lives, while trying to not let the few inevitable deaths get in the way of doing their jobs, this blog isn't really helping....

I find the 'authority' with which you speak on this blog amusing..and deeply disturbing, esp when I realise how easy it is to play with an average layman Maldivians head..esp at a time when they are all pumped up on 'democracy' n 'human rights'; ready to jump every time someone cries Wolf...

That this 'watch' blog needs a 'watch' is a given...and I would advice all readers to take whatever is posted here on its own merit and to properly weigh and judge and cross check...and to not assume that this 'blog' is the ultimate authority on all things medical in the country!

Fyi, sighing consents and 'high risk' forms is standard protocol in ANY hospital!!..and when you say the baby was dead and kept breathing on life support only, it shows how well you know what 'life support' measures mean or what it is that life support machines are meant to be doing....lotta bullets being hailed at Dr.firdous(not really a fan of him myslef)unfairly and based on little, just becos he is the Presidents doctor...

I do applaud the spirit of this blog...but not its methods

Please improve.

Maldiveshealth said...

There will always be room for improvement. Although people who do not want proper measures to be brought in to the health system will always find fault in others.

MMW is doing a great service to this country and the people who have lost their loved ones and the ones who are about to be killed by negligent people who work in these hospitals. Unless they themselves try to do something about it, things are not going to change. MMW is doing great. We will see the results soon. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

yes maldiveshealth, we will have to take your word for it hehe

Medical Investigator said...

The anonymous with the long comment,

We are not a government body, we certainly don't claim to have the powers and authority to take legal or any other form of action against perpetrator of medical negligence and injustices to us and others like us.

We are a small group of people who are sick and tired of being repeatedly hurt and mistreated. We have individually tried and failed to get anything done about it. Now at least we will be heard. We will be the voice for others like us.

We do not intend to declare the identities of our medical experts. If you don't understand why, then wake up.

The Pethidine abusing doctor story has been verified. We blew the whistle, we sure as hell got things moving. If media sources would like to investigate these stories, they are more than welcome to do so. They will find truth in these stories, because that is what these stories are.

We will not shy away from appreciating the good work done by the not-so-few Maldivian and expatriate doctors who are caring and hard working. We have not picked on the occasional, death; read what you see here in full.

We are not an authority of "all things medical in this country". We would like the truly medical authorities to have one though. That would be most welcome. Please, take time from your other commitments and "watch" this maldives medical watch of ours, it wont hurt our intentions.

Fyi, too, please read that article once again. We are ridiculing the "life support" provided for an already dead child! Life support means sustaining life through artificial means; there has to be life left to sustain. In the case we have discussed, the child was long dead. The supposed "life support" was an attempt to show to the parents and other family members that the child did not die in surgery! It was carried out on the orders of Dr Firdous by Dr Bhagwat.

Medical Investigator said...

and thanks, we will work on improving our reporting and investigative work.

Medical Investigator said...

We can confirm, based on what we have been told by IGMH medical staffs (no we will not name them), just how dead the baby was at the time of arrival in NICU post surgery:

No cardiac activity,
Flat ECG (apart from blips caused by ventilator breaths)
No recordable blood pressure,
pupils dilated and fixed,

That is dead for us! What "life support" then?

IGMH staff said...

we detest Firey not because he is Golhabo's doctor. We detest him because he is holding back progress at IGMH. He is influencing (naajaaiz) all levels of decision making in our health services. He acts as if he is god (much like his 1st patient himself).

You are right; he does all this (and gets away with it) because he is fucking Golhabo's doctor.

igmh staff also said...

I think all this slander against Dr.firey is politically motivated...not only is Firey nice as a person, but as a docotr he is as competent as a Surgeon can be...esp in a third world government hospital

the oter guy is rite...this blog has all the markings of a hate blog..

Anonymous said...

Last igmh staff. Adhi thiheneh thikameh nuvaane.

hurihaa kamehves gos enme fahun nimey nee golhaa aa hamain. ekamu mieee kee golhaa aa beheyves kameh ves noon. Mi ee mi gaumuge hurihaa rayyithunge kameh. Enmenge dharinge health aa behey kameh.

Kihiney madun thibey nee.

Nuthibe veyne.

Heyylaabala said...

kaakutha bunee madun thibeyshey!..kameh kuraa iru noony thanehga ehenbayakah etchihithakeh radhu koffa liyaairu, kamuge dhekolhu emmekudaminun balan jeheyne; meehegge aburu nagaalaa iru hekkaah ekugai menuvee ekameh koggen nuvaane..evarihama golhaa viyas non-golhaa viyakas!

Gaumuge sihathey bunaairu mi sarukaarun gengulhey policy akee sound policy eh- massala akee implementation, efficiecy, logistics, lack of staff, logistics,logistics,logistics etc....emme 3lakh meehunge gaumegga khidhumaitha foaruvan thibey meehun ves madhuvaane, khaassa koh aabaadhee ge bodu bayakee kuda kudhinnai kiyavaa kudhinnai jaahilu nukiyavaathibi zuvaanun thakeh kamahvaairu!!!!

Veema heyboalavaafa thibi aammunge boatha thiyafadha gothakah thaghayaru kuraairu thankolheh riyalistic ves vaan vaane!..mi "manna aai salva mentality" nuvatha "dhevvan jehey faraathun komehen hadhaafaves dhevvan jeheyneyey, aharumen amila farudhunge haisiyyathun evves zimmaa thakeh noanaaneye" mentality gengulhegennen mikan vaki rangalheh nuvaane!..Tourism ekeyy kiyaafaves aharunna libenee haqeeqathugaa evves etcheh noon- e kuda laari kolhaa hedhi aharunna mi dhonveliganduga mifenvarugaves mi uilhevenyy..

Thgt i'd say in dhivehi this time..

Anonymous said...

thi ee theenage huri varakee.

Thihiree zuvaanunnai dheytherey dhekey gothakee. Jaahilunge gothugai. dhogetho.. dhen kihiney kanthah rangalhu kuraaneee. thee hama bahulooleh. Boduvegen vaa bahulooleh kamaa dheytherey shakkehves nei.

Bala meekee meehunge boa kanee kee enoon. mee hagegathakee. Mee enemn dhekey goi.
Varah gina meehun maraifi.

Firudhausves varah gina meehun maraifi. Eyna ah hama neyge nee dho kan kan onnan vaane goives. Neygeyey bunefinama avahah ethanun neren veenu. Enge ey bunefinama keeve rangalhu nukuranee

Hus buhuthaan. Thi uhe nee resort ey tourism ey kiyaigen ehen haasaareh haluvan. Thiheneh dhe neh nuvaane.

Fageerun hama vanee fageeru. Mussadhin hama emeehunge dharin kiriya bali velaa itah dhaanee govaigen singapore ah.

Mee dhoo thikiyaa vaahaka akee. E singapore ah nudhevidhaane thee dho..


ehen meehunge ves emehunge dharin bali veema beynun ve ey singapore ah gendhan. nooneee efenvaruge sihheee hidhu matheh liben.

Mee reality akee.

realistic vaahey kiyaa kah ladheh nuganey dho.
Bala nufennaneetha maruvaa kudhunthah. Hama eyee furaana salaamai kurevidhaane kudinney.

Thee insaaneh kamaa dheyherey mihaaru shakku.

Anonymous said...

meehau maraafa amilla ah bunaane dho ma meehaku maraiffee mey. Thihire dhakkaa vaahaka.

Dhekolhu balaaashoa.

Anonymous said...

E sound vee. hama bune lema. Thihaa sound nama hee mihaaru onnaanee mi dhuniyeyga ves noana varuge system ehthaa .

Dhen kiyaa ne logistics ey. Bala aharu men beynu meh noon logistics akah balaakah. sarukaarun jehey ne furihama hidhumai dhevey than than aharumenah hoadhaidhey. Thee hus beykaaru vaahaka. Heylaashoa.

Kee said...

Apart from been President's doc and close friend, Dr Firdhous is the Head of Department of General Surgery/IGMH and Senior Advisor/IGMH. Moreover, did anyone knew that is also the appointee to IGMH by Indian High Commission/Male'.
Basically, he controls everything. I would not be surprised to hear that the medical records of the patient in question is "missing"!

fuckFirey said...

those who are asking mmw to give evidence can help her by telling her what kind of evidence they would like to see.

mmw said...

Hate blog?

Why yes. We hate medical negligence, mistreatment, malpractice, medical errors and mismanagement.

Maldiveshealth said...

You forgot one thing MMW. Deliberate harm to others, meaning killing and manslaughter.

Dr.freex said...

True, doctor incompetence is not a new phenomenon. And true, professional accountability is not as robust as one would hope. But the absolute lack of respect to doctors and utter disregard for their medical opinion is quite unheard of in other parts of the world...In our country the patient believes he is more well versed in medicine than the doctor. After coming out of a consultation he will take one look at the prescription
and decide the medicines are not right for him. If he had been prescribed meds for
2weeks,then he will decide one week should be more than enough. And he will omit/add
drugs as he wishes. Then after taking the meds for day or two he will decide its not
Working for him. He will stop taking his meds. He will not go to the same doctor. He
will go to another doctor and the process repeats till either it ends in complications
or the disease runs its natural course and attains convalescence...

The science of treating ailments and the practice of medicine is far from perfect. It
is a never ending battle that has to be waged on many grounds and whose success depends on the close cooperation of both patient and doctor. the responsibility is not wholly with the doctor. Much is expected of the patient also...he should take his meds
regularly for one thing. And if he feels one set of drugs is not working for him then
he should go back to the doctor and 'consult', so that a different combination can be
tried. Because there is no magic formula for any one disease wherein you take one
capsule and your cured within hours. Each individual patient is different and unique
and the response to any set of drugs can be highly varied. Sometimes exceptionally safe
drugs can evoke an idiosyncratic reaction in an otherwise normal individual...

Coming to consult a doctor with pre-conceived notions and with foregone conclusions about its outcome and filled with suspicion and hearsay does not help the patient.

They say with communication comes understanding. The basic triad that is the cornerstone of any doctors’ approach to a patient is-


History, wherein the doctor assumes the role of an investigator/detective and by way of
simple question he/she tries to approach a diagnosis. Or as in many cases a
Differential or provisional diagnosis (i.e. a set of possibilities)... he keeps his
options open, but he is able to narrow down the possibilities. Keeping in mind what info
he has obtained from the history he goes on to the examination of the patient..

Depending on the patients’ signs and symptoms the doctor decides on which
system (CVS, CNS, GIT, RS, MSK etc) to put more emphasis on.

Finally he proceeds to do appropriate biochemical investigations. Every one of these
steps is aimed at helping arrive at a diagnosis. Depending on the disease this can be
an easy matter which doesn’t require much effort or it can prove very difficult and time
consuming and a test of patience for both doctor and patient.

Unfortunately the typical Dhivehi patient expects a one-minute diagnosis and instant

Perhaps the first generation of doctors who came to Maale and worked in Central
Hospital are to blame for this consistent pattern of distrust that many harbour towards
doctors. And often a few bad apples are enough to deprecate others.
Hospital mismanagement on other levels are also often wrongly misdirected at doctors
because they are the first point of contact for the public with the health care
delivery system..

Efforts aimed at building trust is also in short supply it seems..
I agree, the patient needs to be told what the medicines are for and why certain tests need to be done. And any doubts that the patient may have needs to be clarified on a need to know basis

Regarding recent advances; yes docs need to be up to date. But what also needs to be understood is that simply knowing about them is not enough. For example a hospital may opt for open-heart surgery because it does not have the facilities for non-invasive cardiac catheterization techniques, not because the surgeon is unaware of the newer approaches.
What is sadly always implied is that all doctors in Maldives are out of date, that the doctors there are always wrong and the patient is always right proves once again this inherent attitude with which the patient comes to the doctor. As I said "Coming to consult a doctor with pre-conceived notions and with foregone conclusions about its outcome and filled with suspicion and hearsay does not help the patient"..

On the subject of Respect, No Doctors are not Gods; but they are not there to wipe the patients bowel clean with a mop & broom either. They do not Demand respect, nor do they ask to be worshiped. If however some find it inappropriate and unnecessary that doctors are treated so, as in any other respectable profession, then it is unfortunate. There is, it seems a primal prejudice towards doctors and their 'hefty pay’ also.

Regarding disclaimers; they are not a product of IGMH’s imagination...but a reflection of the reality of today's world where the blame game comes with rewards attached. When calls are being made for greater accountability and oversight on the part of doctors (which I fully support), what is being conveniently overlooked is the fact that hospitals in other parts of the world also have a full time attorney to protect doctors rights.
Much needs to be changed, I fully agree. And this includes the attitudes of some doctors and patients.

Yes, this is the post-Evan Naseem era, a new age of 'rights' has dawned on Maldives, but violence against doctors and threats, as has become common in the country is not going to help anyone. This it seems to have become the answer to everything.

Also, on a lighter note- parents need to stop pressuring all their children to become doctors. Because the repercussions when everyone doesn't become a doctor may have more to do with this growing dichotomy between doctors and non-doctors than is admitted. All Professions are equally respectable iMHO.

Regarding the Government Policy & everyone wanting to go to Singapore etc, let me just say that It is not just a question of incompetence or inefficiency, but also of lack of resources financially and otherwise. So its not about feeling ‘proud’ but facing up to the reality that is Maldives; one of the poorest and ill resourced countries in the world. We need to bear in mind that, while there is definitely scope for improvement, the pace of the government’s efforts can be accelerated only so much.

The current policy of establishing Regional Level Tertiary hospitals with health sub-centres in individual islands is a sound policy (in theory atleast) adapted from models followed in developing countries with meagre financial resources (like the SAARC ).

It is as per the Alma Ata declaration of 1978 and MDG 2000 etc which calls on governments to devise National Health Policies, that are not over ambitious but feasible and ensures that basic health care reaches all sections of the population. It is not a perfect system, but given the resources, it is the only option, which atleast ensures basic health care to all. This model when implemented in the Maldives is particularly sluggish because we are a nation of islands; given also our lack of human resources we are compounded with providing services to an equally tiny population that is scattered so far and wide.

Despite this, Services so basic and yet so precious, which are denied to so many in developing countries, are available in the islands. The demands of the people are for more improvement of course, and rightfully so, however our natural resources are not increasing accordingly, and we are left with very little to work with. A staggering 30% of our GDP is from tourism alone and such a dependency on one source is a sign of a weak economy. What then needs to be done to improve the productivity of the country??
One also needs to bear in mind that there is no levying of taxes on the people, as in countries such as India where Government Hospitals provide free health care.

A collective effort is therefore required on the part of the Government and People, Doctors & Patients; instead of going all out armed with such resentment and hatred. And I don’t think many people realize how devastating it is for a Doctor when he/she loses a patient in their care; and they do understand the grief for the other side. They are cursed with the need to restrain their emotions to the minimum if they are to function.

As I have repeatedly stated, I seek Mutual understanding & Respect. I seek a collective resolve. I reject violence and irrationality, slander or vengeance or bigotry, whether it be borne out of a loss or otherwise- for just as a collective blame cannot be placed on the public for the actions of a few, so does for doctors in IGMH and peripheral Health setups, who at times work under the most difficult of circumstances.

I do applaud the spirit of this Blog, but it needs to tread carefully, and with the greater good in mind; the agenda needs to include fostering greater understanding between patients & doctors as well.
May I suggest changing the theme of this blog as well?

All the best

Shizu said...

that long and not a mention made of the good, doctors advice abiding patient!!!!

The blog itself does not ridicule doctors in general. It highlights and brings to attention those cases where a patients right is lost; sometimes deliberately so.

We may consider changing the Theme.

Anonymous said...

Shizu is very right and Dr. Freez is one of those who don't respect patients rights and obviously don't know what it is.

What Dr. Freez is suggesting is that HIV tests should be carried out like the way it is carried out now, without the consent of the people involved. What Freex is suggesting is that no matter what, doctos say we should listen to them. what Freex is suggesting is that they are always right. What Freex is suggesting is that no one has a right to say no to them. What Freez is suggesting is that people do not have a right to their own bodies.

I think already my comment is too long.

Anonymous said...

We live in shri Lanka. I took my son who is 5 years old back home for a visit and they took blood from her to test for HIV.

This is the system you people are talking about here.

Anonymous said...

I think its quite obvious who it is that has commented aftr shizu..

I think this is exactly the kind of malice and irrationality and bigotry that Dr.freex was talking about

I think this demonstrates how difficult it is to reconcile when people sink to such levels..

On the whole i think Dr.freex was fair in what he wrote..

Anonymous said...

You were wrong about one thing though 'drfreex'..

greater understanding dsnt com however u try to communicate with som- congenital bitchiness is a way of life for som!

I think MMW & drfreex is doing a good job

Anonymous said...

I agree. Dr Freex's comments are a fair assessment of the situation.

Practice of medicine is fraught with risks and uncertainty. Add to that human fallibility and providing care for people who expect immediate solutions to extremely difficult and complex medical problems. It is not uncommon to find patients and their family members who demand a guarantee of cure or else a referral abroad, even when there are no indications for referral.

While there is no denying that patient rights and autonomy should be respected, I wish matters were that simple. There have been occasions when doctors have been condemned by patients or their family for giving them options to choose from (which is the right thing to do) as opposed to being paternalistic.

Such are the dilemmas that doctors have to deal with.

I hope to see an intelligent and enlightened discussion of issues that plague health care in Maldives. I do not see how hate mongering and name calling will bring about any positive change.

Anonymous said...

How can we talk about reconciliation when no one is listening to the pain of patients? The pain of the parents? The pain of mothers and fathers who have lost their love ones due to mismanagement and malpractice. How on earth can anyone even contemplate on reconciliation when it is only one sided.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Freeex,

I wonder what part of the world you are talking about. Are you talking about places where there are measures in place to handle malpractice issues or where there are not? It makes a difference. It does because where there are such measures in place, patients go to their doctors with confidence.

True in Maldives people go to the doctor with a lot of fright. The fright of being given the wrong medication or the fear of negligence and malpractice. Why? I think every one knows the answer. Unless mistakes are rectified managed and malpractice is punished and trust is established, things are going to be the same as you described. People will call names. People will not trust the people in the health sector. People will be suspicious and people will talk malice.

You cant blame a first generation or second generation of doctors and nurses for all the mistrust. That is shying away from your responsibility. It is a question of a system where too much power has been given to doctors . It is this power that is making these doctors immune from any misdoings.
If some one is given a wrong and harmful dose of medication or if some one is given a death sentence or crippled due to malpractice, they have to be made accountable.

I wonder some of these doctors and nurses know what malpractice means?

You are again wrong on the misconception that all people think of malice of all doctors. There are very good doctors who have mastered the art of patient doctor relationship and who are well in to evidence based practice . These few doctors are well regarded by the public and they trust them. They never questions a judgment from these doctors because they know they are good at what they do and the people do trust them. I don't have to name them. You all know who they are. So Dr. Freex.. it is up to you to gain that trust.

Rather than trying to defend yourself what you should be doing is defend the patients. Then the patients will trust you. Or at least they will try.

I wont buy it when you say that Maldives is a poor country. If people in positions tried enough it has shown that proper equipment and facilities can be established. Again i don't have to give you examples. If you look hard and deep you will find that this can be done. What is being questioned here is not about health centers. Infact the more the better but with accountability of services given as well.

Accountability is what we are talking here and some are trying very hard to side track the fact of unaccountability in health centers and hospitals. The system is not sound at all.
This blogs agenda is , i believe in making the health sector accountable. If not there is no use of this blog.

Good luck.

DeJoker said...

"no one is listening to the pain of patients"???

Oh plzzz....where is this 'oppressed-be-us-patients- save-us-from-cut-throat-doctors' PROPAGANDA coming from??

Whenever a patient dies in hospital it doesn't amount to mismanagement or malpractice!!

Also i don't think drfreez gives a damn about personal attacks, so long as people have the balls to take in what he says, in good faith..

Anonymous said...

These oppressed patients are the ones who are pulling doctors hair. They are the ones abusing some doctors and treating them like pigs.

When a patient dies due to malpractice it is malpractice. That is why i asked whether some people do know what malpractice means.

Now we have to go in to the dictionary to dictate what malpractice means and why malpractice is not not such a big issue for some people.

If malpractice issues are investigated and health professionals made accountable, all this will stop. People will start respecting health care providers. There will be confidence. Until then things will be like this. hehe

Anonymous said...

It is a laughable issue but a serious one too. Laughable because some do not know what they are talking about. Serious because it is peoples' life and death we are talking about here.

DeJoker said...

Last anonymous..I agree with you2

Dr.freex said...

"These oppressed patients are the ones who are pulling doctors hair. They are the ones abusing some doctors and treating them like pigs"


As for all the lambasting I'm being given here, I will not dignify them with a response : )


Anonymous said...

All up to you Dr. Freex. All up to you.

Dr.freex said...

Awww y sweet.

Anonymous said...

Can MMW investigate whether 5 year olds are tested for HIV when they return after a long stay abroad? And the ethics behind it.

meyaw said...

write about the 7 year old girl from HDh. Kulhudifushi that died in the ICU yesterday.

I know you have been informed.

"went to ER on 25th, sent home on some med, arrived in ER on 26th in shock, died 4 hours later in ICU"

The start of dengi deaths for this yr

Anonymous said...

here's the proof for this...

Anonymous said...

there's something u should know dr freex. every patient has a right to second opinion. that is a written law in NHS. also, the patient have a right to know what will happen if you take each medicine and what is going on with them. They don't need to ask the doctor why he is given such and such (the few times i saw a doctor in igmh, i had to ask what was wrong, what was the diagnosis, why i was given each medicine). These are standard rights the patients have. you just ask any patient in igmh, they themselves or somebody they know would have been mistreated in igmh. i think, the right way forward is making igmh a patient centred place instead of doctor centred as in india (and which unfortunately what people lik dr freex learnt).

DeJoker said...

Last anonymous what ru babbling about?

To quote drfreez!!
"I agree, the patient needs to be told what the medicines are for and why certain tests need to be done. And any doubts that the patient may have needs to be clarified on a need to know basis"

p.s ru trying to tell us drfreez may have studied in india?...did u there are 70,000 INDIAN doctors working in US alone?...of all the countries in the subcontinent india is the one country, who's medical degree is worth shit in any part of the world...

U obviously have somthing against drfreez...n u follow him around lik vultures, on the internet highway, hopin to feed off his mortal remains..

keep tryin...

Anonymous said...

Most Indian doctors are abusive and arrogant. Only few make it to the developed countries where accountability is given a high note. Even those Indians who migrate to US need to first learn their laws on medical negligence and adapt to it.

It is no surprise that the first 2-3 years they spend in US, they loath about the laws and accountability.


Anonymous said...

the one who commented on NHS // kudos to yo.

Anonymous said...

at last someone who knew what NHS is.
dejoker, what worried me was 'need to know basis' in what freex said.visit and find what it says about patients rights. and then compare that with what freex said.
about indian doctors, what you don't know or is not informed is, that IF they have a degree from india nepal etc., BEFORE they are even considered as doctors in uk,US they need to do a big exam. I hope that tells you quite a bit about the degrees they have. other thing is, even if they get accepted, they work in those 'kada' hospitals in the surburbs. im not saying all but most of them. check whether indian docs workin in the big nhs hospitals in rich areas are infact trained in india. you will find quite a lot of indian docs in those hospitals too, BUT the fact is that majority of them are trained in UK. MAJORITY of those who are trained in those countries work in those kada hospitals.
and to clarify one more thing, I don't even know who dr.freex is. what I know is I really respect him and from the little I know of him support him too (with regards to his comments about islam). but can't agree with him on his views on patient-doctor relations. he is talkin about doctor-centered treatment and not patient-centered treatment as in NHS.
and finally, I admit that i got carried away a bit and wrote in a personal tone against the indian docs. but bear in mind that the few times I went to igmh or when i went with a relative, I was never satisfied with the mis/treatment. once, doc did all the tests he could and in the end said he didn't know what is wrong and didn't even refer me to a specialist.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You should not comment on anything you don't know about. What do you know about surgery and operation theatre. You only know how to make spicy stories.