Accident or negligence?

Friday, February 29, 2008

We have just received news from a family member of a patient admitted in newborn ICU at IGMH about a terrible accident (?) that has befallen their loved one yesterday. This was a baby who was admitted along with his twin sister 4 days earlier because of premature birth. Family source tells us that baby was reportedly doing very well when something terrible happened.

According to the family member, on 27th February at around 9 in the evening the baby's father was called to the ICU because the baby's condition had worsened suddenly. There was a lot of commotion at that time with doctors and nurses giving various medications to the baby and doctors doing cardiac massage.

It was later revealed to the family that for an unexplained reason the child had bled out from an "un-clamped" central IV line! The doctors were unable to clearly say how much blood was lost and for how long the baby had bled. According to the family member, the baby was "white as snow" when the father saw the child and reportedly baby's heart had stopped beating for sometime.

Dr Shafiu had later explained to the family that there was significant blood loss and that baby had to be given urgent blood transfusion. The father is distraught that such a thing had happened because of carelessness in the ICU. The doctors had said that during the time when child had no heart beat, brain damage may have happened.

The family is also worried that their baby is looked after by a different doctor every day and the explanations by each are different. There seems to be no communication between the various doctors involved. No one person seems to be in-charge and no one seems to be particularly willing to give a reasonable explanation of what and how things happened.

Family is expected to make an official complaint to the IGMH office. They have been asked to wait till the office is open after the long weekend.

We at MMW fail to understand how a central line could be left un-clamped! Why was the bleeding not noted earlier and significant blood loss stopped?

Can this be called just an accident? Does this amount to negligence?

Latest updates:

  • Baby survived the incident.
  • As feared, baby has started to have fits.
  • Today doctors have told family that brain injury is the likely reason for fits.
  • Family have been warned that baby could be disabled for life with permanent brain damage.


Anonymous said...

How many babies and parents are to suffer? We cant stay quiet.

The mechanism to report such incidences is a joke. IGMH is the one responsible and it is to IGMH that reports are make. That is fucking laughable. Dont you think so?

Anonymous said...

It is ludicruous that a complaint can be lodged only during working days. If medical services are being provided during weekends, there should be a mechanism or responsibility party answering to the manner these services are being provided. These are criminal negligence on the part of IGMH !

Anonymous said...

The Health Minister or Fucker Ilyas Ibrhim must be held responsible for this kind of accident or necgligence. Let's all go and f him

Anonymous said...

finallyy.. some juicy stuff to boil someones blood.. and seeing the last two anony i guess either it is MMW writing on own since no one seems to have paid any attention when they were talking abt other stuff or someone who s been waiting for some juice... well done MMW. now u have come back to your true roots and i suggest u keep it this way if this is to continue... all the offices should be open 24 hrs. no one must sleep. i am sure all in medical community would be glad if the admins have to be on 24hrs duty too cos because of so many things they do the nurses and docs have to suffer.let the bickering fighting and name calling and abuse start..i suggest here MMW set up a board of "EXPERTS" to settle all these problems

Judith said...

Hello, this is Judith Evans, editor of the Minivan News website. We are interested in reporting on this case. If you are able to pass on any contact details for the family involved, or anyone with knowledge of the case, we can be contacted on (at) or 334 6683. Many thanks, Judith

Anonymous said...

It is sad that no one is taking responsibility for such incidents. But looking at the variuos issues in this country, tell me one person who is taking responsibility. This incident cannot be called an accident. Call any other name to it. aa

shaari said...

gosh this is terrible!

Anonymous said...

This is probably an accident though it cannot be excused as such. This could happen in the best of hospitals as it is not possible to keep looking at the patient. Even if we have a staff for each bed sheer human factor would prevent that.

Its probably more likely that the clamp had come loosen rather then it being an unclamped line.

The fact that this was detected and the resucitated apeaks of professionalism. After all it want take more then a few minutes for a child to bleed dry from a central line.

I wonder why the child was on a central line if she was doing so "very well" anyway?

I wonder what was the PR doing there. I beleive there is a seperate desk for him and his job is to settle these issues and take public complaints.

Hats off to Dr Shafiu for telling the family instead of coverung up the story.

MMW please dont dramatize the stories. Your mandate is to bring out the bare truth and not to dramatize. I doubt the family would have said "white as snow" casue Maldivians dont use these adjectives. Must be a figment of your imagiation.

See what happens when you dramatize things. Already poeple are trying to politicize the issues. See the interest Minivan news is showing in this.

What happened was a totally avoidable an unexcusable thing. But i doubt whether we could call it criminal negligence. Professional negligence is there , no doubt but its very different from criminal negligence.

Meanwhile lets pray that the baby comes out of this healthy


MH said...


you seem to know a lot more about the case than you are revealing. Just who are you? (don't answer if you don't want to).

It is a "she" as you said. MMW said "he" (1st para). It actually is a she too.

Clamp or stopper actually came off (according to staff nurses I spoke to) accidentally. Yup, it wasn't left "un-clamped".

What PR? who?

Shafeeu was the doc. Ismail shafeeu that is. looks like he did a good job too. The fact that the nurses found the problem, called the doctor, got the blood arranged.....all that speak well for them. But......the baby still suffers!

"White as snow" exactly as the nurse described the case. "white as paper" as Dr Shafeeu said to relatives. Not a Maldivian phrase? Maybe not.

How much did the child bleed? Over dramatisation. Well the baby did get 2 transfusions one right after the other (almost the entire blood volume was replaced volume for volume). And the baby had to be given CPR for cardiac arrest for over 20 minute (with adrenaline and all). The floor around the cot/table was completely covered by blood! Hmmmm, over-dramatization!

It is probably a good thing that Minivan is taking an interest. MMW can get the attention of people and media. They, being hidden people as they are, cannot really do more than that. Minivan...well that is a different affair.

And virionx, I join you in the prayer. May the baby come out of it well. That would a relief for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Judith, why not call IGMH and get the info. A reporter can easily do that, can't you?

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaah finally a juicy story.. kill the doctor.. kill the nurses.. put fire in IGMH, barahanaa kureyyyyy enmentha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the time for MMW to lift a gear up in to this work. I say why not join hands with Minivan news.

All what we all want is exposure of the cases. It is through exposure the politicians will take a notice of the grave situation the hospitals are in.

Anonymous said...


Accidents and negligence are not necessarily excluive. Almost all accidents are due to negligence. But is it criminal or professional negligence?

If you want to know who I am I am availble at Ps. I am not Shafeeu defending himslef here hehe

I mentioned she by an oversight although I have been proved right as per you comment

Any dumb idiot can see that an unclamped central line will bleed heavily and its very unlikely that one will leave it unclapmed unless he is planning murder. So it reasonable to assume as I did that the clamp came off.

Like you said, a foreign nurse could describe the baby as "white as snow", but a Maldivian is more likely to decribe it as something like paper, like Dr shafeeu did.

I also found it ridiculous that a complaint cannot be lodged....MMW was not very clear on that. I beleive that if the family had really pushed a complaint could have been lodged. I winder who is this character who said that a compliant will have to wait.....

What seperates MMW from run of the mill journalism is theor professionalism and expertise in teh lets keep it that way and not get personal and dramatic with the stories... this is not a tabloid

This is an unfortunate incident. An inquery need to be done. Lets involve professional from the private sector like ADK etc for an indipendant commission..

And lets not blow this into a doctor vs nurse issue cause this has all the potentials for that...


Anonymous said...

Hey Judith bitch! Isn't there any field work for you? keeping an eye on other peoples efforts to expose incidents and then publishing it in minivan and then minivan getting all the credit. puk!... pure low level reporting as everyone's expectations. Get your own story and write in your minivan fathafolhi bitch.

Go boil your fat head in MDP Bondibaiy theli.

But yeah, lets kick ilyas ibrhm's butt. I'm in.

Farah Didi said...

I am so sorry to hear about what happened to this baby. Having had a preemie baby myself, I know how traumatic it would be for this family just to have a baby in the NICU, leave alone having to deal with this kind of issue, whether it is medical negligence or not. Although not a doctor, I also know that any blood loss even if its a few drops could be extremely serious for a preemie baby. Even when blood is taken for medical tests, a preemie baby sometimes may need a blood transfusion to top up what's taken out. So this kind of blood loss is really tragic.

My prayers are with the family. I wish the little one all the best and pray for a quick recovery and that there are no long-term consequences from this incident.

I do not know what kind of support is available for families with preemie babies in the Maldives. The following is a link to some leaflets published by a British charity that is dedicated to premature babies. Most of the leaflets can be downloaded for free. Perhaps MMW would be kind enough to pass the link to the family so that they can get special information related to premature babies if they so wish to do so. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Glad the baby is doing well. Amen


Anonymous said...

killing the doctors n nurses is not the solution for that.he he he try to find out the truth n u try to meet the correct person for geting informations insted of getting information from the stupid ppl he heehe ehehe e

venus said...

Congratulation to IGMH doctors
for saving this babies life. It was just the prompt action from them, that saved the babys life.

children do move and pulls everything in sight, so the central lines clamp must have gone off, and theres no monitor to send an alarm .. beep beep.. saying clamp is off, it was good thing it was found out soon.. Thanks to Allah only, and thanks to the doctors have done soo good work saving the baby... Well done Doctors of IGMH

Anonymous said...


For the first time somebody had said something sensible. If we are ready to criticize then we shoud be ready to give credit when its due...


venus said...

Thanks virionx :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

i agree with venus! :) insha Allah the baby will do just fine! Ameen!

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Richard Colbey said...

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Charles Briggs said...
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Charles Briggs said...

that was clearly a medical negligence! All members within this profession owe a duty of care to their patients and where this duty is breached and injury caused, a medical negligence claim is totally possible.

Rachel Booth said...

Accident or negligence, it is still the duty of the attending medical professional that his or her patient is in total care. If he or she fails to do so, the patient is entitled to file a medical claim against that medical professional due to breached of care.

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