The cover up has begun.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This is nothing new. We all expected that this would indeed happen. Our sources at IGMH have reported that a secret closed-door meeting was held today at 8am at IGMH headed by the corrupt Dr Fathmath Ali Didi to plan a cover up story for the events in the labour room that led to the newborn baby dying.

This was reportedly a meeting that involved the chief nursing staff from labor room, obstetric doctors and a couple of lady pediatricians. Our source reports that the meeting went on for nearly 2 hour. This meeting was apparently in preparation for a meeting that was to be held with the family of the deceased baby.

It is our belief, and that of our analysts, that a certain official "the way that things actually happened" would have been created to ensure that parents are misled into believing that normal procedures were followed in the delivery process and the delivery itself wasn't the cause of death. They were expected to inform the parents that there were congenital abnormalities in the baby that caused the death and that it was unpreventable. That would be an IGMH-styled review of mortality and morbidity.

We were able to confirm that the meeting with the parents was going to happen today. Although we can't confirm that the meeting actually took place; it was expected at around 12 noon today.

We spoke to one private practitioner in Male'. He tell us that he expects the review process to yield nothing less than a total denial of responsibility in this case. This, he said was what IGMH have done after reviewing all previous cases.

We have been unable to speak with the family directly to get their views, but have read their views on some of the daily newspapers. The 35 yr old mother is reportedly in a stable condition in the general ward and according to doctors is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries.


Anonymous said...

I heard that the parent is considering vallha koothalaning.

virion said...

I like the great work you guys are doing. But if your purpose is to enhance and improve the medical facilities instead of just exposing IGMH I suggest that you also diversify in to other institutions and also highlight instances of exceptional work done by health staff to encourage them. Use the carrot instead of the stick sometimes

Anonymous said...

what is the Maternal mortality rate and Perinatal/postnatal mortality rate in the maldives?..and how does that tally with regional and international figures?

And is it a conceivable reality to expect ALL deliveries- in the safe OR high risk category, to be event free and without complications?

And does all behind-closed-door meetings amount to a cover-up?

jus a thgt

pachas said...

virion, i cannot agree more with u. i believe there will b more guys like u.

Anonymous said...

This is a watch dog i believe to identify and bring everything bad about health care. Not sanaa kiyun. dhogetho.

Anonymous said...

aadheyheve...hamafahe thedheh

ergo, it is implied by default that everything is wrong.


Family member said...

Can anybody get me the email and mobile number of Dr.Malaka? I don't know why she is reluctant to face the family.

Anonymous said...

When I heard of the Maldives Medical Watch I though this was a genuine and trsutworhty pressure group that fights for a balance between the IGMH and its medical personnel and the public at large. So that the groups efforts aim to work for a more healthy and productive relationship between the medical community in the Maldives and the public.

But what a dismay to read the utter rubish and narrow minded articles on the blog. It seems that the whole purpose of the website is to widen the gap between the IGHM and the public and hence creat a more unhealthy environment for the public.

I do agree that there are incidents that happen at IGMH that should be investigated and where appropriate measures should be taken to maintain a certain standard of care. But this pressure group doesn't seem to have any idea of how to go about on improving things by acting like a more mature and logical group.
In my opinion the preassure group dosen't interpret what the name implies.

I hope if they really want things to improve they better act like a mature pressure group rather than acting like ridculous bunch of nuts.

I do really hope you guys do mature and act like a real challange to the Maldives Health Care system rather than acting like a buch of frustrated loosers.

good luck

Anonymous said...

mithaaa anga falhaigen ulhey meehun. thihaa rangalhu vefa .. gaps thakaa ehchihi kuda kuraa hiy vanchaa amilla ah web site eh hadhaigen e gaps thah kuda kurevidhaa ne eh noon tho.

Hoah nugovaaa.

Anonymous said...

aharuntha hoa govaneee??? hehe

Anonymous said...

I AGREE..with what this anonymous has written.abt mmw.u all r just a bunch of big big loosers..thats clear in all ur articles. so sorry to know that u've had problems with igmh.. bt y do u hav to act like frustrated loosers just bcox u hav personal problems with igmh...hmmm. i wonder y