Help us find this doctor.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Name: Dr Rony George,
Sex: Male
Age: Around 40 to 45 years
Specialty: Pediatrician
Nationality: Indian,

Known to have worked at:

M. Muli Regional Hospital in 2007.
IGMH in 2007

Description: Tall, thin, lightly tanned, walks with a barely noticeable limp, no facial hair or spectacles

Reportedly still working in the Maldives.


Anonymous said...

First . why do u want to find him? second. if he has done nothing wrong then why look for him?

Anonymous said...

yes plz write more y u want to find him

Anonymous said...

is this a new advertising site,... nothing more to write????

Anonymous said...

i lost my pet rabbit... any one seen it.. white.. furry.. red theumy eyes.. last seen heading in direction of MMW

Anonymous said...

I believe this web blog is dedicated to defame doctors and degrade whaever they are doing.I agree malpractice happens but this is insane.

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous:
well what u said is true.
and is this a bloody " wanted list site for criminals'' that they are putting statements like this.
actually this is the work of Niyaf and Ismail Shafeeu's gang of thugs because both of them have only diplomas and has a fucking inferiority cum superiority complex and need councelling.

Anonymous said...

so y r u taking this personoly
plz be proffesional. dont take this personal.

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous who knows so well that its Niyaf and Ismail's thugs who write all these stuff...y don't u go and counsel them yourself if you know that they r writing these insane stuff ...i think its u who needs counselling here , u seems to have both inferior and superior and mixed complexes and needs a golhi from guraidhoo :)

Anonymous said...

is the doc still mising
why dont u report the matter to DPH

Anonymous said...

It is a shame when doctors who are underqualified have to be left without supervision at remote islands - but one has to appreciate how difficult it is to recruit and retain good doctors. Its time that the govt of Maldives produce enough drs willing to work at these remote islands - drs who are better qualified and supervised and able to better communicate and understand the local community.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck maybe the Guy who posted this his wife ran away with this doctor ,so he is ashamed of writing why he is looking for her

Hassan Saeed 7777544 said...

Need your advice guys... i am writing to ask if you can give me some advice on how i can proceed with a case of gross negligence from the gynae at Fuvahmulaku hospital.

My sister was pregnant 24 weeks ago and i was expecting a beautiful niece... our hopes were dashed when she had to undergo induced labour for IUFD.

what is significant about the case is that the final report from IGMH puts down the IUFD date as the 19th week, which means my sister was seen by her gynae twice after the fetus died. neither my sister, nor my family were told about the health of the baby.

my sister recollects that the gynae had a baffled look on her face on both occasions after the apparent death of the baby.

i want pursue this and build a case against this gynae and the hospital.

i have two issues: one, my sister is asthmatic and she was taken in with a severe asthma attack around the time the IGMH estimates the IUFD.

Question 1:
do you think i have a case against the hospital and the first GP who treated my sister's asthma? could he have given her too strong a dose of medication that shouldn't have been given to a pregnant mother?

Question 2:
Do i have a case against this gynae who attended to and did the regular check up for mys sister and didn't do anything about the IUFD? How dangerous is it to leave a living, breathing women with a dead fetus inside her womb?

Need your help and advice...

air head said...

MMw ah writers block or gossip block ey aeetha...

haadhahaa gossip ey neythey mithaanga mihaaru...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow, great song by jack johnson
where did you get the lyrics from?

Anonymous said...

ew....horrible song

Anonymous said...

1. Do not expect your doctor to share your discomfort.
Involvement with the patient's suffering might cause him to lose valuable scientific objectivity.

2. Be cheerful at all times.
Your doctor leads a busy and trying life and requires all the gentleness and reassurance he can get.

3. Try to suffer from the disease for which you are being treated.
Remember that your doctor has a professional reputation to uphold.

4. Do not complain if the treatment fails to bring relief.
You must believe that your doctor has achieved a deep insight into the true nature of your illness, which transcends any mere permanent disability you may have experienced.

5. Never ask your doctor to explain what he is doing or why he is doing it.
It is presumptuous to assume that such profound matters could be explained in terms that you would understand.

6. Submit to novel experimental treatment readily.
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7. Pay your medical bills promptly and willingly.
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The patient-doctor relationship is a privileged one, and you have a sacred duty to protect him from exposure.

10. Never die while in your doctor's presence or under his direct care.
This will only cause him needless inconvenience and embarrassment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No dude....the fockers @medical watch hav not died yet
They r cramped in a corner pissing thier pants

Anonymous said...


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