The gross Casualty Medical Officer.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A complaint that seems to be going unheard:

I am a 34 year old man from Ga. Gemanafushi living and working in Male' for the past many years. I have been to IGMH several times over the past many years to get treatment for my 15 year old daughter who suffers from epilepsy.
In all my experiences I have never come across the kind of experience as I did last week (MMW notes: email originally send to MMW in February). I was at IGMH to show my daughter because she had started to complain of headache that morning. She was saying that it was similar to the kind of headaches that she gets just before she gets a fit.

We were unable to get an appointment for Dr Ali Latheef, whom we regularly consult. Not wanting to wait till my daughter suffers another terrible fit, I took her to the emergency room to have her seen and if possible get some treatment that might prevent her from getting a fit again. She was already on medications, but we were close to running out of her tablets.

After waiting in the casualty waiting area, our token number finally flashed on the display at the "casualty medical officer" room. We had no idea who we were about to see. We wouldn't have anyway expected to see anything like what we saw. Medical treatment aside, this was a terrible sight.
Sitting almost fully slumped in her chair was a lady doctor who seemed to be in her late 20s to early 30s. She was clearly not a Maldivian. She is darked skinned, not that her skin colour bothers me (
MMW notes: we believe this description is given for the sake of identifying the doctor). Her hair was all over the place, I could have sworn that her hair had not been touched by a comb or brush in ages. Her white doctors' coat, if you would still call it white, was all crumpled, with patches of what appeared to be coffee or tea stain, the hem dirty from dust and other grime and carrying blue ink marks as if she had been drawing on it. This was THE most unsightly doctor I had ever seen in my entire life. The only things that I saw about her that gave me a hit of her having prepared to come to work were the conspicuous white talcum powder covering her forehead and cheeks and the lip-stick on her mouth.

Her spectacles, I don't know if she could really see though them, had what appeared to me as heavy oily finger prints all over the lenses.

Her appearance was so gross that my daughter turned to me and said that she'd rather see someone else. But we had no choice.
After a few questions and plenty of time to illegibly scribble on the prescription pad, and an in between happy chatting phone call in some foreign language, she handed us a treatment plan; which was actually a refill of our old prescription. She hadn't laid a finger on my daughter, who was obviously relieved that she wasn't touched by the "gross doc".

I tried to politely ask her what her diagnosis of the current headache was. In a quick but thankfully forcefully assuring tone she said "nothing to worry". I was worried. I have seen doctors see my daughter before. This was nothing even close to the minimum examination
we we used to before.
Unhappy, I went to the ER coordinator, who happened to be a senior Maldivian nurse to complain. She was nice to me. She listened to what I had to say. I complained about 2 things. Her dress sense and hygiene, which I told the coordinator was shameful for a doctor and about the way she was treating patients without examining them.
What the coordinator candidly revealed to us was not surprising: similar complaints have been reported about the same doctor on several occasions. She has apparently been talked to about the complaints by ER coordinators and supervisors. But, even after repeated complaint there has been no improvement in her attire or medical practice AND no action at all from the hospital administration either.
Determined to do something about it, I got myself excused from work the next morning to go to the CEOs office to meet Dr Yasir or Dr Fathmath Didi to officially complain. I now realize it was all a waste of time. After waiting for 2 hours I was told that Dr Yasir was unable to meet me today because he was busy with some other work. I saw him sitting in his office all this time all alone. I was given 10 minutes with one of the administrative boys who politely listened to my complaints but said that they couldn't do anything themselves. I was asked to come again tomorrow and that Dr Yasir might be able to meet me then.
Frustrated, I asked the young administrative officer to relay my complaints to his seniors as I was not in a position to stay away from work another day.

I did write a letter to IGMH the next day. Till today I am awaiting a response.

By the way, after leaving hospital after seeing the "gross doc" we went to see Dr Ali Latheef at his private practice. He was kind enough to see my daughter and change treatment.

Abdul Samad (not real name).

This email has been shortened for clarity.


Anonymous said...

This looks more like a poetic piece rather than constructive journalism. If he could give this much detail of the doc’s appearance including the finger prints on her glass either he has got super power observation or he was more interested in the doc then his girls health.
I am surprised that after spending two days talking to different people about thus doc the writer in still unable to identify her country….amazing. I wonder why her name and designation wasn’t on the prescription plan she handed over…These articles are designed to confuse the public and create gossip.

All these days people were worried about the way doctors are treating. After a brief period of hibernating MMW is now worried about how the doctors are looking. I wonder whats next…IF MMW is area news worth blog MMW would have published this article with an update after all they sat on this article for more than a month…

The writer could neither identify himslef nor the doctor....

A poor attempt my MMW to revive the blog after a brief period of inaction. Typical gossip journalism....


Anonymous said...

Aaan good observation. Sometime it seems that only nurses should be the ones who must control the bugs by being clean. The truth is most of the time it is the doctors who don't wash hands and spread bugs. Nurses have to wear clean uniforms but not doctors. Why don't we make the doctors also wear CLEAN UNIFORMS same like nurses with CAPS on . Then the issue of wavery hair also will be tackled.

Anonymous said...

since when have IGMH doctors started using the white coat?
I havent seen IGMH doctors in white coats.

Anonymous said...

Lets talk to Dr Solih about keeping a beauty saloon in the hospital,and all doctors forced to go their first, brush their teeth, apply baburu dhandi,iron their hair, put on make up, and will be tip top and proper like a cabin crew before facing the public.
Have read some ppl complaining about bad mouth ordour from dr shiham and niyaf too, they should attend the beauty saloon too, by the way what about Ali latheef??? he has no body ordour, his shirt was properly ironed? i think he has a huge tummy, its not appropriate.

Anonymous said...

docs with pot belly pls reduce it. bald docs, pls grow hair. docs with dark skin, pls bleach it. docs with spectacles, pls use contact lenses. docs with dentures, pls remove it. docs walking, pls drive something. blah blah blah. guess this is a tall order.

pls discuss something constructive.

Anonymous said...

Healthy mouth = healthy sex

Anonymous said...

How about docs with flat asses use a padded underwear to increase the size of ass:)

Anonymous said...

well if u see that bastard ali latheef dress up and come in the evening times to see his pts,he looks like a fuckin dhoni captain,well this guy went to IGMH does he not have balls to name the doctor,anyway and this guy went to see yasir who might be masturbating under his table thinking of some guy,well so the conclusion is go to their private clinics the will treat u nice because they are greedy bastards.

Anonymous said...

To the last anonymous.
'' this guy went to see yasir who might be masturbating under his table thinking of some guy'' do u mean yasir is gay?if it is he must be a good bottom with his big ass:)

Anonymous said...

i think u better get some updates on this "gross CMO" because now she has improved a lot than before!

Yasiph said...

This post missed a very important fact! The last line;
"He was kind enough to see my daughter and change treatment."

Couldn't MMW write what the change of treatment was! It would be of great use for parents like us and similar cases of epilepsy where changing treatment in whatever way prevented a child from getting a seizure/fit.

This post is incomplete!

Anonymous said...


Changing treatment in epilepsy is a very delicate and task and changes from patient to patient. I suggest you dont take what ever is written in this blog as medical advice casue it isnt, and neither the MMW claims it to be. While I sympathesize with you I suggest you see a doctor for changing your daughter/son's treatment.


Anonymous said...

ive heard that she has resign

Anonymous said...

Well its a great idea to open a beauty saloon in IGMH for the staff to look more beautiful.They should also create a swimming pool and gym with shower facility so that staff can exercise regularly and look like normal people.Also, night club and gambling bits should also be placed so that staff can relax after a hard days work and refresh their minds for the next days work.And I suggest placing double beds in the wards instead of single beds so that everyone can stay more comfortably and it would be a plus to also include bed companions.I guess these will improve the healthcare system very much.

Anonymous said...

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