NEWS: Attack on Dr Adil Rasheed

Thursday, March 6, 2008

On 3rd of March 2008 Dr Adil Rasheed, Dermatologist at IGMH, was physically assaulted near Maafannu stadium. We strongly condemn this and other acts of violence.

A witness reported to us that Dr Adil was attacked by 2 young men (the witness suspected them to be druggies) late in the evening as he was walking on the side walk. The two men seemed to have been trying to rob Dr Adil. Dr Adil reportedly resisted and fought the assailants. In the fist fight that ensued Dr Adil was forcefully felled on to the ground. It appeared to our witness that Dr Adil fell on his right shoulder. The assailants apparently fled the scene shouting "bangalhee vageh, bangaalhee vageh" (A Bangladeshi thief, a Bangladeshi thief) when people started to gather around.

Dr Adil was helped on his feet by a by-stander. Dr Adil appeared dazed and not in his senses. Our witness reports having seen Dr Adil in similar altered-senses on several occasions before and suspects that he may have a mental illness. He was taken to IGMH in a taxi.

We can confirm that Dr Adil had significant injuries. His injuries were reported to us as fractured humerus (or a dislocated shoulder). He was discharged after treatment. He is reportedly on leave from hospital and private practice, but is expected to make a full recovery from injuries.

Once again we condemn this and other acts of violence, whether perpetrated against medical services providers or common man. We wish Dr Adil a full and rapid recovery.


Anonymous said...

"Dr Adil appeared dazed and not in his senses. Our witness reports having seen Dr Adil in similar altered-senses on several occasions before and suspects that he may have a mental illness"

Was this phrase really necessary in the story. If so, you should have explained it more. This gives us the idea that Dr Adil may be on drugs and this could be a drug related fight. Which I hope and I am sure is not the case.

If you treally feel Dr Adil is mentally ill you should make an effort to report him to authorites and get him mandatory treatment.

Otherwise you guys owe him an apology for tarnishing his name in your site which is fast becoming a tabloid paper. I am sure if he knows who you are he would have sued you.


Anonymous said...

These types of baseless allegations in the name of reporting medical irregularities speak volumes on the type of cheap reports that this blog is now famous for.If Dr Adil decides to keep a respectful distance from the gossip mongers of the hospital then his wish should be respected and he should be left alone.This article alone gives an idea of how cheap the writers of this blog can be.

Anonymous said...

mentally ill.

venus said...

its a nice past time, one dont have to believe on whats written here, its medical gossips, nice to read them .

gossips are nice, MMW keep it up, try to bring more juicy gossips like this.

Anonymous said...


Medical gossips eh? nice one

More like one of those serials like emergency room

The producer can scan this site and he will never be out of ideas..


Anonymous said...

Its warnings and threats issued by sites like MMW against doctors that to me seems to encourage violent acts against health care professionals and this site should take some blame for attack on Dr.Adil..

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work guys.

Anonymous said...

yeah....more juicy articles like this...more hatred and more acts of violence against medical that there will be more stories for the producer of the blog...thats what he wants..not to improve our health care...wait till someone gets their hand on u..ull be the first to be sued!!

Anonymous said...

Dr.Adil Rasheed does not have a private practice.

try puting facts straight. You seem to miserably fail in this always

Anonymous said...

they probl meant the other private clinics he works..
its not just gossip.. abt this doc.
there is somthing abt him thats strange.. stil the writer shouldnt have said it as a 'mental illness' but i shud say there need to need a proper body to regulate & manage docs...
feel so sorry for the doc cux he is a really nice guy.. no u guys who commented on drugs..thats wudnt be him.