Several doctors at IGMH fall sick, few admitted for treatment and several OPDs cancelled

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In an apparent food poisoning caused by eating food at a party held at IGMH, several Maldivian and Foreign doctors working at IGMH have fallen sick today.

Several doctors, more than 20 according to information received from IGMH public relations counter, were absent from work today due to diarrhea, abdominal pains and high grade fever. We have received reports that a few of the doctors were admitted temporarily in the emergency room with severe dehydration and abdominal cramps last night and this morning.

Today morning several OPD clinics at IGMH were canceled because doctors could not report to work because of ill health. According to our sources, more than 15 OPDs were canceled in total this morning and afternoon. The OPD services were grounded to a halt and several patients had to return home when the hospital administration were unable to find well enough doctors to replace those who had called in sick. According to some counts some 250 appointments were canceled today. Several OPDs are expected to be cancelled tomorrow as well.

One doctor, who was herself affected, answered an SMS from us to report that the doctors ate at a party thrown by Dr Ahmed Ashraf Ali, Urologist, to mark the birth of his child (and his 2nd marriage) yesterday. She said that she thought that the food was either improperly cooked or contaminated.

The catering for the event according to another source was Brothers Catering and the alleged offending food was a rice preparation which unfortunately was a great hit at the party. We cannot confirm whether that information is correct. It was reported to us that Dr Ashraf has personally called most of those affected and offered his apologies. We hope that concerned authorities would investigate this incident appropriately.

We at MMW express our best wishes to all doctors for a full and quick recovery and hope that they are all able to return to work as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Allahs wrath had been bestowed upon all those who neglect patients and party.

Anonymous said...

to the above annonymous.

u r not only stupid, but ignorant too. can't u read that the immense burden taken for the docs falling sick were the patients. atleast 250of them. don't know how many tomorrow. but i wouldn't say that Allah has sent his wrath on the patients.

by the way, is it that the medical staff shud not relax a lil bit. all other offices have bigger parties more often. why shud docs be different.

Anonymous said...

I am a maldivian physcian, who worked in IGMH. Discussing about qualifications, Dr Azeez only just completed both part of MRCP exam but "never" completed 8 years of consultant training which is required according to GMC. He seems to act as though he is the most qualified.

nilesh said...

i hope somesh subrat, nirmal,brahmeya,all will be well. i wish them fast recovery. i m indian doctor once worked in igmh. doctors are human beings nd they also fall sick. may b god wants all the patients to knw this simple truth . i hope management will grant them enough leaves

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